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Sep 11, 2006
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Looking at the attack
By MARSHALLS KENPO - 01-20-2009 05:51 PM
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Looking at the attack:

Analyzing an attack is an area with several different possibilities which can be further broke down into sub-tier categorical topics. We can look at the initial attack, the specifics within it, and whether we expected it or not. Or we can look at a counter offensive from the attacker stemming from our failed attempt of executing a technique sequence, movements or strikes.
Most believe through their time in training they will be able to deliver the desired response to the exact target ending the threat at will. Perhaps you will, perhaps you wont, but lets say it hasnt happened at this time.
Regardless of your initial counter offense , or counter to the attackers counter, certain considerations should be examined. Please note that Im not going to discuss the bio-mechanical movement, but more of a conceptual application for that movement. The specifics to movement I defer to a higher senior who knows a lot more then I do to share with us.
How do we defend ourselves? With all the skill we process, however we need to look at the tools we have been given. We have techniques, sets, forms, basics, and ways to drill them. We have conceptual theory for bio-mechanical movement , which we can apply in a self-defensive roll.
Through the learning and drilling of basics we attain the embryonic tools in which we start to build our system upon. Then we take those basics and formulate a specific reaction to a specific threat.
Before I get to far into this we have to define the attack:
Lets call it a counter attack during your tech.


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