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Sep 11, 2006
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Ed parker's opinion
By Mills Crenshaw - 01-20-2009 04:12 AM
Originally Posted at: KenpoTalk


As I have broused through the various posts I've seen a lot of speculation about which instructor has, or will, contribute the most to the growth of KENPO in the years ahead. Forgive me if I have little patience for this type of speculation. It is well that students have pride in their instructors; but KENPO has progressed far beyond the "my instructor can beat your instructor," stage. Men such as Ted Sumner (Tracy System), Tony Martinez SR and Tony Martines Jr. (Orriginal Ed Parker IKKA) have set standards that rank among the best I have seen. You can judge them by the talented Black Belts they had produced.

If, however, Ed Parker's opinion means anthing to you, you might be interested in what he said to me personnaly. He felt that Jeff Speakman was the future of KENPO. Jeff's KENPO 5.0 is a significant contribution to the fundemental record of KENPO as Ed Parker taught it.

Somewhere in the competition for students Ed Parker's vision has been lost. The IKKA was founded the be inclusive, not exclusive. While he may have taken issue with some specific techniques or theoretical approaches presented by various instructors; he invisioned a world wide association of warriors with integrity. Perhaps the day will come when his son can continue that quest.

Honor your instructors; but wisdom dictates that you consider carefully one of Ed Parker's favorite quotes:
"Do not be like the man who lived at the bottom of a well; who, looking up at the sky, thought that was all there was to heaven."

Mills Crenshaw
(former) Chairman of The Board of Reagents


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