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Sep 11, 2006
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Kara-Ho Kempo History
By Dianhsuhe - Fri, 10 Nov 2006 06:51:01 GMT
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Rob and I were talking about the lack of content about Kara-Ho Kempo on Kenpotalk, so I thought I would put forward some of the stuff I have catalogged from the parent site, Martial Talk.

These are responses from Grandmaster Kuoha over the last 18 months maybe? I have not made any changes other than grammar and spelling.

I also understand there might not be a big demand for this info. but I wanted to make it available to the good folks on KT, especially since I have been in Kara-Ho since 1993 and much of this info. was new to me when I read it--

"Originally Posted by TIGER DRAGON FIGHT
My understanding of kara-ho kenpo is it has influenced other branches of kenpo. The forms and open hand techniques as well as the black belt forms resemble."

Grandmaster Kuoha:
"That is correct! Though many believe that I have changed the system, that is an incorrect statement. Professor Chow saw me doing some high kicks in the early 70's so he asked me where I had learned them so I told him, then he told me to do them again several times, and then he said that it would be a good idea to teach high kicks so if you know how to do them, you will also know how to defend against that also. He however revised the kicks so they were not a whipping type kick as I was doing them, but a chambering of the knees until the last second. Then he had me do them with an extension of chi to create a force much greater then a normal person could exert and making it much more powerful.
If you watched one of our students (preferably an instructor) you will see the big difference between these kicks and those of what I originally learned which was Tae Kwon Do. Many things were innovated between the years 72-87 and many people were not around to see these things change and still kept the original art. If you get to find one of our black belts that is 2nd degree black belt or higher, ask him/her to do any technique from #6-10's or even higher #11-15's and you will see the new Professor Chow.
And to rest everyone's mind, our two small schools here in San Diego were the only ones that supported him and his wife throughout their life. Our small organization then even set up an account at the bank in Hawaii and every month all his bills were paid from money that we put into and he was given money that month to live off of. When he passed away there was over $4,000 in coins in shoe boxes hidden under his bed and when Patsy Chow was asked where all that money came from, her response was "Samuel".
After Professor's death we took care of Patsy Chow also and put her in a real good home where we paid about 25% of her expenses, then twice a month we paid my sister (who lives there) to go and pick her up and get her things that she might need and to take her to the gravesite to visit Professor. There was no one else that did that and that was confirmed by his advisor, Dr. Perry. He stated that everyone took from Professor but people forgot to give back. Let's put it this way when Professor passed away he had about 2-3 students and I went back home to visit Patsy Chow about twice a year and she said that none came to visit her except for my sister every month and me. Kind of tells you what we as human's are made off, huh? We get caught up in our own world and we tend to forget what's really important to us all.
Grandmaster Kuoha"


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