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Sep 11, 2006
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Jujutsu - Article By Jigoro Kano
By Blackcatbonz - Tue, 03 Oct 2006 05:18:36 GMT
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There have been a lot of articles and essays I have read online and off and I always think "Hey, if it's interesting to me......it might be interesting to other folks."
Being a kempo student, I am always fascinated by the various references to kempo and related arts by people that were there only a short time after such arts were in use.
I have always seen a correlation between jujutsu and kempo......just in the performance of it.
Some might say I come from a questionable training background......that may be so, but that aside, I see too many similarities between what I've learned and what I see to discount the arts I study.

On that note......here is a fantastic essay By judo founder Jigoro Kano, in it he discusses the origins and practices of various Jujutsu ryu.
It is interesting to see Kano reason the origins of Jujutsu based on the relationship of Japan and China.

I've read these types of essays over and over and find them to be a great online reference.

This essay was written in Japanese and translated by Rev. T. Lindsay.

Jujutsu By Jigoro Kano and T. Lindsay, 1887 (Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan, Volume 15)

In feudal times in Japan, there were various military arts and exercises which the samurai classes were trained and fitted for their special form of warfare. Amongst these was the art of jujutsu, from which the present judo has sprung up. The word jujutsu may be translated freely as "the art of gaining victory by yielding or pliancy." Originally, the name seems to have been applied to what may best be described as the art of fighting without weapons, although in some cases short weapons were used against opponents fighting with long weapons. Although it seems to resemble wrestling, yet it differs materially from wrestling as practiced in England, its main principle being not to match strength with strength, but to gain victory by yielding to strength.


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