KT:Being Good in Tracy's = Being Poor at Web Design and SEO

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Sep 11, 2006
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Being Good in Tracy's = Being Poor at Web Design and SEO
By dankenpo - 01-17-2011 07:48 PM
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Yes, yes, it doesn't matter. Yes, of course there is no real correlation. But c'mon, really? I didn't even know my school had a website until I got their business card after my first trial lesson, and I had searched for them on Google (I found an old number and address on Tracy's website, luckily one of the numbers still worked and they directed me to the new location). I've been learning that this is the norm with Tracy's schools.

American Kenpo schools, on the other hand, seem to have decent websites in most cases. Typically they have pictures of the studio, instructor, a schedule, contact information prominently displayed, and some general information about the art and lineage. Of course these are generalizations, but it seems that they have that part of marketing down pat, at least enough to list the address, phone number, schedule, and other basic information about the school and instructor.

I know that many instructors are simply doing the best they can, but can't they ask their students for some assistance getting something set up in exchange for a tuition discount or something? I know you shouldn't let a student manage it, in case he leaves or decides to be malicious, but they can help set it up. I have a good background in web design and SEO/social media management, and in my opinion it would be better for some schools not to have a site at all than to have what they currently do. I can't tell you how many sites I've seen that don't have the address, phone number, or any helpful information other than the history of the art (thanks for the history lesson, now how do I contact you to find out more?).

Not showing up on a Google search for "self defense " or "kenpo " is problematic. You can get listed in Google even without a website, so there really is no excuse for this. Is this just ignorance? Complacency? Or plain old apathy? Or am I making something out of nothing?


Your participation is appreciated, I will post the results once there is a sufficient amount of people who have taken the survey.


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