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Yuen Kay Jun

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Mar 29, 2017
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Savannah, GA
hello everyone.

I’ve been doing wing Chun for several years and I teach. I’ve learned two systems, both yip man and Yuen Kay San. I have no concerns on the effectiveness of my system, butI miss being a student and am considering JKD or KM.

Couple of questions.
I live in savannah Georgia. So if anyone can point me to someone I’d appreciate it.

What are your thoughts on:

1: KM or JKD

2. Which KM? I see different orgs and such. Not sure.

3. Open to opinions on how wing Chun exp may help or hurt.

4. Just tell me your thoughts and recommendations.

Thanks ALL


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Oct 13, 2018
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Anchorage Ak
I would say try each one for a month watch an advanced class or 2 then decide for your self.


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Jun 7, 2015
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Essex, UK
Well, you might find JKD more familiar and easier transition.
If you want a bigger change, KM.

Gerry Seymour

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Mar 27, 2012
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Hendersonville, NC
Along with the couple of posts already here, I'll add another thought. You're an experienced martial artist, so you're reasonably well equipped to analyze what's going on in a school. I'd invest the time to go visit every school that seems at all interesting. Go watch a class or two. Commit yourself to watching something at all of them, and look for the things you'd suggest a new student look for:
  • Are the people having fun with it (whatever that means to you)?
  • What's the level of resistance they're working against (sparring, etc.) to make sure they really understand their techniques?
  • Does it look safe (whatever that means to you)?
  • Do the mid-range students look appreciably more skilled than the beginners? (This one is a major factor I look for - it tells me some kind of skill is being developed that doesn't take decades.)
  • If you imagine yourself out there as a beginner (and as a mid-range student), does that image feel good? If not, it's not the right school for you, no matter how good it is...unless what you're trying to do is push outside your comfort zone, and it's that kind of uncomfortable.
I think @marques made a good point about choosing between the two. Both will almost certainly enhance your Wing Chun. One will do it by adding related material, while the other will force you branch further from your primary art. Both can be good things.

One last bit. Since you teach, and intend to keep doing so, look for an instructor you think you can learn a lot from about instruction. Might as well get that extra value out of your new training, too!


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Aug 26, 2016
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One thing I'll say is don't listen to every negative comment online. 2 of the biggest claims against Krav Maga is they don't spar and they have no ground work. Both totally innacurate.

In my club we had one sparring class a week after regular class. It wasn't very big the most we'd have is about 6 staying on but there was loads of sparring at different contact levels and there was sparring tactics to.

For ground game there's plenty of it. One class was dedicated to sprawls, another submission defence etc


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Oct 2, 2018
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Is the head instructor Israeli and were they in the IDF. Those would be my first two questions if I was looking for a KM school. Chances are you will be getting the real deal if they are. If their lineage is not in a direct line I would dig deeper to understand where they got the material they are teaching.

I would also check the lineage of JKD schools and take any free classes that are being offered in either situation. Proof is in the pudding and the truth showed always come out in the training floor. As a seasoned martial artist you should be able to spot a bogus outfit by the class environment.

Monkey Turned Wolf

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Jan 4, 2012
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New York
From a purely generalization view of both....JKD will mesh more with your WC, which will probably make it easier, and expand it in a traditional way. KM will have techniques that clash with WC, and the attitude may clash as well, which will give you a lot to think about in terms of your WC and how to make it applicable against that style.

IMO, again from generalizations, not knowing your WC style, or the schools, is that JKD will be easier, but you'll get more benefit from KM.

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