King Mo and Daniel Cormier open up about Team Thirsty

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Sep 11, 2006
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10-20-2009 02:25 PM:

You may have heard it said in interviews. Maybe you've read about it on Twitter. "Team Thirsty" seems to be everywhere, and Cagewriter learned the facts about Team Thirsty from founding members and Strikeforce fighters "King" Mo Lawal and Daniel Cormier.

"It's not a new thing," Lawal said. "It's been around for a while."

Team Thirsty started years back when Lawal, Cormier, and freestyle wrestling national team members Jamill Kelly and Shawn Bunch were out for a night on the town. One of the the guys tried his game on every woman that walked by to no avail. Another one of the guys mentioned, "He's going after them like he's thirsty!" And Team Thirsty was born. They decided to go beyond the pursuit of women in a bar, and work for all the things that "men thirst for."

Since then, former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans has signed on to TT. He proudly mentioned his membership when I interviewed him. Lawal, Cormier and Bunch have also opened up the membership, asking for applications.

"We got tons of emails, some guys saying that they are just thirsty to take care of their family," Cormier said.

Though it may seem that Team Thirsty is just about money -- you may have heard them say GDP, or gettin' dat paper -- the Team wants it be a charitable group as well. Cormier has signed onto help Strikeforce out with their charitable efforts, and Lawal said that they want to sell Team Thirsty merchandise and donate the proceeds.

"There are so many kids who need help, and we want to do what we can," Lawal added.

The Team Thirsty fighters don't consistently train together, as Evans is with Greg Jackson's camp, Cormier is with American Kickboxing Academy and Lawal trains in southern California with Ryan Parsons. But they have no plans to ever fight one another. When the chance comes to train together, they do -- Cormier is training with Lawal this week -- but Team Thirsty isn't about being training partners.

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