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Apr 10, 2002
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New Bedford,MA
Hi Folks,
This Is "KENPOJOE" Rebelo, I'm here to offer all my kenpo brothers and sisters a rare opportunity to purchase some kenpo videos that I have in my archives for a good cause.
Recently,My Girlfriend was diagnosed with Leukemia. Due to this debilitating disease , She has been forced to go on disability and it has led to severe financial hardship. Her medications severely deplete her meager finances. Before she was diagnosed with Leukemia, she had hip replacement surgery to repair a deteriorating hip. Now, She is on new medication and is responding to it, However, her other hip is now deteriorating as well and she must have surgery on it as well. :(
Several years ago, I offered 4 tapes that included 3 training camps featuring Mr. Parker and a Nunchaku seminar with him as well. At the time, I offered the footage because of many American Kenpoist who had never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Parker, let alone hear him speak and teach!
Due to my girlfriend's plight, I will be opening my Kenpo Archives and offering numerous kenpo seminars,camps,interviews and TV shows in an effort to raise the neccesary funds for my girlfriend's medication and upcoming surgical procedure.
I still have to get permission from certain individuals for footage I have of them for this worthwhile cause. Hopefully, all will go well and I will post a list of videos that will be available. Our goal is $2000 for her recuperation and assistance. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have on this thread.
Thank you for your time,
Joseph P. Rebelo II
Good Luck!

You going to be able to offer them on DVD and VHS?
My best to you and your girlfriend, I hope it all works out! I'd
be interested, once you have them ready.
I am with Kirk in wishing your girlfriend the best. My sister is a cancer survivor, as you can probably tell from my website, so I know how scary it is. My thoughts and prayers are with yall (Texan for "you (plural)".

Interested in videos and the format. Let us know.

I'm sorry to hear of your situation.
At the time, I offered the footage because of many American Kenpoist who had never had the opportunity to meet
Mr. Parker, let alone hear him speak and teach!
I am one of these. Please put up a list of videos as soon as you get permission from those certain individuals, so I know which
one(s) to purchase. Thanks. I hope I can help a little bit at least.
Originally posted by Michael Billings

My thoughts and prayers are with yall (Texan for "you (plural)".

Hehehe, I was watching a program that's on British TV last night called Top Gear, and the guy on there was doing an impression of a Texan car dealer.....I've got it on video so I'll make a sound file tommorrow, it was hilarious!

Unless of course you don't like people imitating Texans, in which case, you probably shouldn't listen!

I'll make it tommorrow and put a link up :)

I know in other states people ask me to say something. My response may be "What do you want to hear", they all crack up laughing. Those of us so blessed to be born in the Lone Star State, have our burdens to bear. Hee-hee.

Hi Folks!
Here is a partial list of some of the videos being offered and some of the prices...
Ed Parker's American Kenpo will be refered to as EPAKK for convenience...
1. EPAKK Yellow,Orange,Purple fundamentals [basics,sets&forms,techniques] W/ Joe Palanzo [1984?] 1 hr $40.00
2. EPAKK Blue & Green [basics and techniques] w/Joe Palanzo [1985] 30 minutes $30.00
3. EPAKK Rebelo's Kenpo Karate Yellow belt requirements [basics,techniques,sets & forms] w/Joe Rebelo [1989] 1 hour $30.00
4.Ed Parker Nunchaku seminar [Greenwich,Conn.][1990]1 hr. $50.00
5.1986 IKKA instructors camp with Ed Parker [Pikesville,MD]8 hours!$100.00
6.1988 IKKA instructors camp with Ed Parker [Pikesville,MD] 6 hours!$100.00
7.1988 IKKA connecticut instructors camp [farmington,Conn.]4 hours$100.00
8.Ed Parker in Chile 40 minutes $40.00
9."People are talking" Boston TV show with Mr Parker demonstrating "self defense for seniors" "RARE!" 30 minutes $40.00
10."Seven" with Ed Parker [great fight scene with Tino Tuileosega(founder of Limalama)]$40.00

any questions you have on specific footage i'll be more than happy to answer by email
there will be several more posts with other footage from other kenpoists as well!
Thank you all for your help!
Originally posted by Michael Billings

I know in other states people ask me to say something. My response may be "What do you want to hear", they all crack up laughing. Those of us so blessed to be born in the Lone Star State, have our burdens to bear. Hee-hee.


OK, as promised, here's a sound clip of Clarkson doing his Texan car dealer!

Now, don't anyone be offended, it's only a bit of fun! I don't know if it'd seem funny if you're American, certainly tickled me though!

Also, I thought it was only fair that you lot get a chance to laugh at my accent as well! I come from Yorkshire, in England, and to be honest it might be an accent that you lot have never heard before! If there's a British person in an American film, they tend to be either very posh, or a cockney, there's never any Yorkshiremen in there!

The recording is a scene from a film called Kes, which was filmed in Yorkshire and is full of Yorkshire people, it's how I speak basically:

Have a giggle!

... (which is another way of saying Howdy or Hello down "here" .. prounounced "cheer")

I could understand almost 70% of what was said in "Yorkshire", but know once I have been around it for a bit, I can understand it all. It always amazed me how my friends from the UK could tell what town another person was from by the accent. We would go have a pint and toss arrows and you could definitly tell someone from Leeds as vs someone from Sheffield.

At least there is never any doubt where I am from. Worldwide they can tell from the boots, belt and Texas drawl.

I shall definitely have to visit Texas when I come back to the States I think!

We went from the North East to the South West in a line in September, so if I made a trip in the other direction I could go to Florida, Texas etc. and then end up in Seattle, that'd be nice.

Hmm, I'll probably be able to afford to go in about 10 years! hehe

There is one thing I do especially like about Texas. Sailing on the coast, to riding on the range, (literally ... not sitting on the stove as Goldendragon would have you believe we do.) Everything from East Texas swamps to the Texas Hill country, to the Edwards Plateau (High Plains.) You can ride an inner tube down the Guadalupe, go to Seaworld in San Antonio and Wurst Fest in New Braunfels. Northeast Texas is beautiful and you don't get a lot more urban than downtown Dallas, ballets, symphanies, Neaman-Marcus or Deep Ellum. Of course the horse shows are in Fort Worth, just across the way. So you can go to glamor and glitz to working in the stockyards in less than an hour. Hunting sharks in the gulf, buying shrimp off the boat, or rafting down the Rio Grande in Big Bend, TEXAS has something for everyone, and it takes a while to see it all. Not to mention Austin, Live Music Capital of the World. Well at least a lot of fun.

Like visiting the UK, there is so much there, history, beer, architecture, beer, from London to the castles, from the city to the county, and they all have beer ... hmmmm, I guess you see my common theme.

Cheers mate,
I'll agree with you on the fact that Texas has much to offer, but as a transplated yankee, I have to say the weather down here is miserable for 8 months out of the year. I have been here 18 years, and I still dread the summers.

Texans are a friendly bunch but if you werent born here, you're always gonna be an outsider. I've lived in my little town here 11 years, and people still see me as a yankee.