John Wayne Parr's new 3DVD Box Set "Locked & Loaded"


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Mar 3, 2009
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Hi Everyone! I've just had the pleasure of working with John Wayne Parr to produce his Muay Thai training DVD's – “Locked & Loaded”. It's something JW has been wanting to do for some time and the programs are pretty special. As Wayne says... ' We've covered everything you need to know in the art of Muay Thai. It's a really great 3 DVD box set that covers the fundamentals of authentic Muay Thai technique, some amazing partner drills and padwork training... there’s a bunch of extras on Wai Kru, hand wrapping and interviews with John Wayne Parr… You can check out his site for special preview clips and info at I'd really love to hear any feedback from all you other Muay Thai fans.!

The 3 DVD Box set is due for release in March 2009.