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This page was just expanded and we are proud to announce that a new video has been added.

IRT Fall Combatives Intensive 2014 is now up for sale!
Instinctive Response Training Fall Combatives Intensive 2014

This is along with our IRT Masters And Champions Intensive 2014
IRT Masters And Champions Seminar Videos

IRT Melbourne, Australia Combatives Intensive 2015
IRT Melbourne, Australia 2015 Intensive

IRT Masters And Champions 2015 is now up for sale!
IRT Masters And Champions 2015

Look for new exciting Intensives soon:

IRT Desert Oasis Intensive
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A special thanks to all the MartialTalk members who have purchased from our Video On Demand.

I really appreciate your continued support!
I would just like to say that I appreciate all of the recent sales here to MartialTalk members! Thank you for your patronage. ;)

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