Evenin' all!

Just wanted to say a quick hi to everyone as an introduction.

The names Laevolus and I'm from the UK, Hull in Yorkshire for those who know it.

I've been doing MA for about 3 years now, with a year off after the birth of my daughter, so I'm still a relative novice compared to you guys and gals. :p

I've been looking round for a good MA forum for a while now and this looks to be one of the best ones I've seen, easy to read and full of info. Keep up the good work! :D

Anyway, I won't be posting too much due to my relative lack of experience, but I will jump in from time to time if I feel I have anything worthwile to add, more often than not I'll probably start a thread when I have a specific question.

Anyway, I'll go back to my semi-lurking, so carry on as if I wasn;'t here. ;)

Welcome! Don't be shy about posting. Can you tell us more about the style you're studying (possibly in one of the Arts fora)?
Hiya hiya! I'm somewhat new also, and I never made an official introduction post, hehehe.

I went on a theatre trip to England this past winter, and we stopped in Hull to see "Departures". Great theatre! And everyone was so friendly ^_^
Am I the only person from England on here then?

Bit scary if I am.....the responsibilty!!! :D
there are plenty of members from all over uk, you ought to feel right at home. welcome!
That's good to know then, I won't feel so out of place now :D
Hey, I'm in Florida now but I was born and raised in England, up until 14 or so.
I do miss my Yorkshire puddin! Sorry I could'nt help myself.:EG:
Welcome Laevolus! It's always pleasant to meet someone new! Especially someone who has practiced Aikido!!! ;)

Black Cat Do sounds very interesting! It's hard for me to picture in my mind what it's really like. Since it's a style of self-defense, does it have some Aikido-ish techniques? I like the name too. Mostly because I have a black cat myself. She's my little fuzzy baby panther.:)

Have a nice day! :)

Robyn :asian:
Hi Dragon, thanks for the welcome :D

There are some Aikido style moves in our style, especially in the more circular movements, our style puts a lot of emphasis on evasion and invasion and we try to utilise the flowing feel of circles that you find in Aikido.

Just to clarify, I haven't actually studied in Aikido as such, all I've really done is Black Cat.

I did go to an Aikido class once, but it wasn't a very good school. The chief instructor was nica and all, but he didn't have a lot of control over the young kids in his class who were constantly messing about and running around the room, whilst the sensei just laughed it off. He also had one other black belt there, an 11 yr old who he told me had only been training for 1 and a half years! No surprise it was his grandson though.

Shame as I really liked what I learned in that one lesson with him.

Hey Laevolus,

That's cool. The Black Cat style does sound like it has a lot of Aikido principles in it. That's close enough for me. ;)

Wow! I've known that every martial art style has those McDojos/belt factories but this is the first I've officially heard about a "bad" Aikido school! :( What a shame! No way would I have kept taking classes in the dojo you went to! A little kid who is a black belt is bad enough (especially if he's only been doing it for 1 and 1/2 years!!!) but what I can't stand more is teachers who have no control over their students! I have little/no respect for teachers like that! :mad:

I hope someday you'll have the chance to visit a "good" Aikido dojo and enjoy it!:)

Robyn :asian:

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