Instructor being hard on me

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May 2, 2020
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The "true warrior" during the middle Samurai era belonged to the aristocratic class and was skilled in combat, strategy, the Chinese classics, calligraphy and other arts to produce a well-rounded individual.
According to the aristocrats, sure.

That leaves a lot of other dead Japanese fighters.

Is it true Musashi rarely bathed?


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Dec 16, 2023
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Just want personal opinion

I signed up for Muay Thai for a month but been going there off and on 1 month here 3
Months there
Recently a coach /owner there would roast me when I told him I didnt want be paired up with a partner who was a lot bigger than me. We were holding pads. I held pads for big partner and back of my forearms were all bruised up a day after

He kicked hard as he was a big guy plus he was senior student.
We typically used focus pads at the school I trained at, or the heavy bag, so we weren't kicking our partner during drills. Although we did have some training like that for the higher belts where we would put on the chest protectors and take turns kicking each other. It sounds like you train at a more full contact school.

Bumps and bruises are going to happen no matter what with sparring, falling, rolling, training mishaps, etc. It's part of the game.

Other times he would show a combo and I didnt catch all of it and he would use his fingers to flick at my head and say this isnt your first time. Kind demeaning . You know combos have small little nuances sometimes we forgot or miss

Ofc I didnt purposely forgot its just I didnt catch all small details of the combo

He would at times call me out infront of class. Kind like roast
My instructor did that too. He would often cut someone down in front of the whole class, no matter what their rank was. The higher you got, the more perfect you had to be or he would make a fool out of you in front of the whole class. Beginners weren't treated that way however.

Whats your thoughts on this ? I think I should be treated with some respect if Im paying good money and ontop Im a paying clients
Since I'm a month late, how did it work out for you?

Not all schools are the same. Some are more "hardcore" than others. There are very different philosophies. Some people want the conditioning without the abuse. Some people want pure fighting. Some people enjoy the art aspect of it (forms, technique) and not the violence of it.

I think you probably picked the wrong martial art to learn.