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Apr 30, 2007
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This week I went dojang twice, monday and tuesday and maybe will go tonight, my lelft foot is not ok at all, I will go to see another doctor next week. My sambunim keep telling me I have to go to train and if I feel not allright I can train lightly to not stress my foot but I need to do exercise and poomsae.

There was a change on the schedule of the examination, now it's gona be july 11th and I will have to go Mexico City to do the examination, this worries me a little cause Mexico City is about 2,300 meters above sea level and I live at sea level so my stamina can suffer.

I told sambunim what if my foot is not ok to the examniation and he told me I will do the examination but kyorugi, cause he knows I am ready.

I am not going Kenpo classes since april and will only train tkd twice a week starting next week, to keep practicing for the examnination, I think that not putting over stress on my lefth foot I can do examination and pass it with sucess.

This next weeks are going to be a little dificult but once I finish examination I will take a few weeks off to rest and heal. and yes I am very exited about my second dan examination, the time has come, this is the right moment.


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