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Apr 30, 2007
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Last night I atended a show class about budo taijutsu, class was nice I had the oportunity to train with a high school fiend who is a Karateka and train BTJ also. I enjoyed the class cause I saw my friend so happy showing me a lot of movements of his arts besides his sensei was imparting the class.

Well, even I enjoyed he class cause the friendship I must admit the class was not what I was specting, they used a lot of joint strikes and some moves that apeared to me to be like Ninja movies.

With respect I told the sensei and my friend that my aproach to self defense was an ortodox way, where I react to the treat by defending myself (blocking) counteratack (by hand,elbow,kick,wathever) a takedown using arm/elbow/wrist and submition on the floor.

There were some things I like of BTJ but in overall I feel it to complicated and in some cases goofy (sorry for the word I don't want to sound unrespectful)

At the end of the class with all the respect I told the sensei I'am not interesting in take this MA but I wanted to learn some especific moves to my MA (TKD thankyou you asked) and improve my arsenal, the sensei understood this.

Last night at the end of the BTJ class I felt blessed, in the beginning of my TKF formation (clasic) I had two wonderfull sambunims, and right now I have a truly sambunim in all aspects of life

I love TKD, tha clasic TKD, The MA inside TKD



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May 27, 2004
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Manny, it's always good to hear people who feel good with what they are training.

I've seen little of BBT but liked what I saw in that you really don't see it coming. It seems to be a good combination of precise skill, precise maneuvering and power. I would think if done right, the attack would take you by surprise and possibly overwhelm you. I find it fascinating ... and definitely not for everybody.

Sounds like you have a good program on your hands, though, and that's very important. It's good to read people who are happy with their training. Enjoy!

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