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Oct 6, 2013
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I remember e-budo and I think I participated there a little. I was on Budoseek, same name as here. One of the things I really liked about Budoseek was the requirement to use your actual real name, first and last. That way we had to own up to whatever comments we make, as they would forever be attributed to us. It seemed to cut down on people trolling, trash talking and just acting stupid because they were online.... We do a good job here, but I still wonder every once in a while, if certain things would have been said here if we had to post under our real names....
E-Budo is still there. I have been a mod for many years. Sword Arts and I mod "Bad Budo". Pity people don't log on much anymore. I suppose it's because its focus is on Japanese arts only. Sometimes a name crops up about legitimacy or some other subject of what people see as a new name on the scene. More often than not that person is in the archives from years ago. It's a good source. E-Budo also put out a rule of real names only to go alongside a nickname.

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