Honk if you like MT!!

First impressions are great, had a warm welcome from many members and there seem to be some knowledgeable practitioners here who share information openly without ego.
Whether you desire to spend much time getting to understand Martial Talk, much less giving for it, and then take my advice. Dont signal up for a test membership- not less than, not yet.

Im a super newb, but this is the best discussion forum I have ever been on, thank you guys for making it great!!


Hello, I am having a hard time quiting this site...addicted...help...please
Having too much fun!

My horn does not work...is it ok to KI?

To All: Thank-you for sharing your comments and thoughts...learning is a never ending process.

MT...your the greatest!!! .......Mahalo and Aloha
I spend more time here then with my wife, beep beep................
I spend more time here then with my wife, beep beep................

I can relate...I found out a long time ago trying to talk to my wife about MA was a losing battle.
At least here, people seem to understand me...sort of........or at least tolerate me
Honk honkkk honkkkkkk

Martial arts honkkk loveee for ittt. :shy::shy::shy::shy::shy::shy::shy:
Great people here. I was on another forum (I won't say which one) posting a positive review of a martial arts seminar that I attended. It was strange that members there felt the need to nitpick my every sentence (literally). I was just trying to spread some positive information about the guy's seminar.
Honk Honk

But I had to look up what was meant by the ahoooga.....

Sorry LoL
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