Hey Gou??


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Oct 22, 2001
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I got a question I need you to answere for me!!

...that time that Jaybacca took you to train at his buddy's school?
Out of town.
Can you be a bit more specific?

If this is about that girl I never touched her.
Let me interject that I still have a huge black-and-blue mark on my stomach that jaybacca72 gave me Saturday as part of a systema demonstration. Cool stuff though.
I think it was the second time you guys went, not too long ago.

You guys were doing some stick stuff.
Yeah, Jaybacca was telling us. He likes to hit people.

What about the stick stuff?

It is good stuff, did you feel energized afterwards?

You should post some more about your pre intro and after intro Systema lesson!

How you felt before, during and afterwards.
It will lead you, and others to greater insight.
Actually Jaybacca busted my hand up and I have it on videotape. I am doing what you stick jocks call a "Sinwalli" of some sort and if you watch it, I catch one full on the hand and never miss a beat or drop my stick.

Are you refering to my hand being smashed up again today?

You're mean.
I guess that should now be taken over to the Systema forum, under

Russian Martial Arts

Sorry, my bad!

Well, not really, I did have another question!
...If I am correct, maybe, maybe not, but was that the week he had the flu??
like real bad?

I remember someone saying that he almost passed out doing thoses drills, tired and sick, but now they are saying that is was you moving faster than you should have.

Jaybacca just couldn't handle my lightning speed. Some people say that when they use video cameras on me that they have to slow the camera down.

No wait...I'm drunk again. Nevermind.
How come you didn't stick around for our beer last night??

You me and Jaybacca had it set I thought.
My fault for tempting you here!

Glad you enjoyed it, be good to see some more posts on the Systema Forum!


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