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May 21, 2007
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Hi one and all,

I wasn't 100% sure where to put this - so decided this might be a good location for it.

In late March three teams from the school i train at (Ultimate Martial Arts and Fitness: will be participating in the Oxfam TRAILWALKER. Teams of 4 must complete a 100km hike through bush trails within 48 hours, with the funds raised by the teams going to Oxfam Australia.

Oxfam Australia works in 28 countries around the world including Indigenous Australia. By supporting Oxfam Australia through this event, participants and their donors are making a tremendous difference to people's lives around the world

As you can imagine this walk is going to be a big challenge both physically and mentally - the perfect event to compliment martial arts training.

So i'm searching for donations - anything will do as every cent counts.
So check out out team pages, they are still a bit of a work in progress but they will give you an idea of who we are and what we are about.

Team 1:
Team 2:
Team 3:

Help us help oxfam to change the world.


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