Handle designs for Chinese Tai Chi and Sabor?

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Oct 15, 2013
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OK, SORRY if this is stupid & troublesome but my health has still kept me from seeing my local Sifu but told me that when I make my wooden practice swords the handle shapes were very important but he is busy and has not been able to send me photos of what the best shapes should be in his opinion - Can any one offer help and photos? Yes, I'm sure it's a matter of personal taste but I'd appreciate ANY help - He plans to start me off with a stiff straight sword and then saber when I'm physically able and I'm doing this as I like swords and the exercise and I hope to be able to do as soon as I'm able - It gives me optimistic hope which I can use! - Unfortunately my health hasn't been improving and now I'm going to have to have some surgery - NOT looking for sympathy just some educated health - I've obviously looked at hundreds of photos of old and new still would appreciate help from someone who has the proper training and knowledge - Your pestering Old Iowa Man
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