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Oct 31, 2001
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Queens, New York
James LaFond wrote an interesting article entitled "Train Smart & Cheap!" which is in the January 2003 issue of TAEKWONDO TIMES. I rarely buy martial arts magazines, but while I was skimming through the article, I was so impressed with what the author had to say, that decided to buy this issue.

James LaFond is the author of several books published by Paladin Press. The anecdotes and statistics referenced in the article are from the author's study of 1000 acts of violence.

If you happen to see this issue at your local newstand, flip through the pages and check it out. The article appears on page 72. I think that you'll like what you read.

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I've commented on Mr. LaFond's The Logic of Steel a few times. It's worth reading, but with one caveat: LaFond draws statistical conclusions on the basis of his research without ever really properly defining his statistical methodology. What I mean is that on the basis of the information provided in the book, it's impossible to determine if the conclusions he draws (and therefore the extrapolations he makes based on the data) are indeed valid.

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