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I think Kelly Worden it trying to collect exactly that right now. Have a look at the WMAC-Forum
and there the thread "Modern Arnis lineage list or chart.




I have seen this request, and also his request on the Eskrima Digest. He ( Kelly Worden ) talks about generations of students. Those that were around when Modern Arnis was created (Generation One), those that were around for NARAPHIL (Generation Two), those that helped Remy First in the U.S.A. and North America (* I added the North America so as not to forget our friends to the North. *) (Third Generation ), and those that have been with Remy Presas since the 70's (Generation four).

I know many people like to claim to be the DIRECT student of Remy Presas and therefore Generation One of Modern Arnis. Let us assume the best intention by Kelly Worden. This generation terminology will cause some issue with some people. Since Remy Presas is not around to clarify what terminology or descriptors is to be used I cannot see where there can be one central database. I know Kelly Worden has stated that he is going to list names and ranks and titles if any, and nothing more. Yet, he has added in this Generation issue. Like I said he might have the best intentions and only trying to record when people were training or when they started. In my low yet humble opinion I believe that if he took title (yes), and rank (yes), and when they started to train in Martial Arts (Maybe) or in Modern Arnis (Yes), and when they obtained their rank (yes). The ranking of people by generation, or by seniority or by some other means is not going to happen in this modern touchy feely everyone be happy. (* Not to mention or current legal system *) There are not going to be any death matches. There are not going to be any showdowns. People might posture and or challenge but I really doubt it will happen. I know there is an event planned to cover the gathering of Modern Arnis 'Players' and I am not trying to advocate it here or to take away from it. Yes, people could show up and teach and allow others to view their stage presence and teaching skills. And this is good for the Business of Modern Arnis, but not for the business of everyone.

I just do not see where there will be a clear list of who is #1. Nor do I see a reason to have one. People will train with people and after a while they should know if they are getting what they want or desire.

Just my thoughts :)

Train Well :asian:
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Forget it Jerome.

Just remember, all those clowns and frauds out there make you really appreciate the ones who do have it. Besides, then we wouldn't have any body to talk about.

Ha, Bloodwood, my idea had nothing to do with titles.....

You'r right, all of the clowns and frauds most certinly make me appriciate those people who do have the skill, talent and knowledge. I believe that you are wrong about not having anyone to talk about... I have three possibilities in mind, however,
I also know that none of them would touch the Modern Arnis leadership issue. But it is possible one and perhaps two of them will be at the Symposium. I am in a somewhat unique position within the Modern Arnis world because I have kept contact with people who were active Remy followers and those like myself who went off in their own directions because we all got fed up with the clowns and frauds.

So many people became too attached to the Professor and his personality. Theycan not see that there were and still are a much larger body of people who have trained in Modern Arnis, but for their own reasons stopped training with Professor.

With so much attention focused on Professor, the seminars and camps, many of those people who stayed with Professor or came into the art at later and later points in time, were unware of the earlier people. Hence, we have a clear rational for why people should want to attend the Symposium. They will for the first time, have a chance to meet and train with some people whom they have never met during their previous Modern Arnis training.

Also keep in mind that some of the earliest discussions regrading the Symposium focused on how the training has appeared to change in Modern Arnis as the years passed. Those of us who are the long-times were part of the "art within your art", "flow",
and "cuentada" era, while others were part of the "Arnis-ju jitsu-
karate" era, and the came the "tap-tapi" era. Now, just how do tall of those era's fit together? Each distinct era also overlapped,
with the preceeding and following one, therefore, there has to be a seam or two within them to allow for the connections. The only people who can really make it all come together for us, are the instructors who have agreed to be at the Symposium.

Once people see it they just might understand.

Jerome Barber, Ed.D.
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The above definition is why I like the term. It does not denote that one is the greatest master of masters (which is how grandmaster hits me - just a gut reaction). Headmaster flows better than principal teacher or principal instructor. That's also why I like it.

Go for it, Big Guy. I like "Principal Istructor", because of the quiet distinctions and subtle implications that go along with it.

Jerome Barber, Ed.D.

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