Good combat schools in Tennessee



I'm looking for a school down south for a friend of mine, does anyone know of a very good self-defense, no-nonesense type of school in Tennessee from personal experience?
Where at in TN? It's not a very large state, but it's big enough to be an issue :)

I know a guy in Knoxville and one in Nashville. I'd recommend either one. If either is close to your friend, let me know.

He found what he was looking for, but thanks anyway. He's an old LEO guy who just retired and had some time off his hands. He went for the more methodical, slower version of aikido.
wow someone looking for something in my little bitty state lol thats odd lol... well hope he is having a good time at the aikido dojo. if he is in the nashville area and is looking to try something different let me know i can direct him to several good no nonsense schools. we even have a blood and guts MMA school here lol