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Jan 24, 2004
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Springfield, Missouri
by a guy who admits that he's a hoplophobe...

I have little sympathy for the gun culture or the gun lobby. Both seem crass and crude. If I had my way, guns would not exist. But - and this but is the size of a Liberal grant - we do not live in a perfect world and I am prepared to admit that reality sometimes stings.
More than this, the relative lack of gun control legislation in the United States had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with a 6-year-old in Michigan shooting another child to death. Nor had it anything to do with other child killings, with murders by street gangs, with any of the shootings in Canada. Indeed, gun control is one of the great misnomers of modern times. We cannot control guns and we don't have to either. What we have to control is the decaying social fabric of North America and our headlong rush into an ethical vacuum.


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Mar 18, 2005
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Whether or not someone is a hoplophobe, or a hoploholic, all it takes is a bit of logic and reasoning, to see that gun grabbing simply won't work.

You can lay down as many restrictions as you want against the law-abiding populace regarding gun ownership, but such restrictions do nothing to stop criminals, as evidenced by what goes on in gun-verboten areas. The Jamaican drug lords, for example, have no problems obtaining fully automatic submachine guns and assault rifles, despite firearms being forbidden to the civilian populace.

In the end, it's a cultural issue, and not a firearms issue. It still comes down to the person using a tool. Are they using that tool for legitimate purposes, or are they abusing it? It's the behavior that should be rewarded or punished, not the object.

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Apr 25, 2008
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What we have to control is the decaying social fabric of North America and our headlong rush into an ethical vacuum.

This is exacly what needs to be controled. The breakdown of the family is largly to blame. And 'situational ethics', as one of our past Presidents was so good at, corrupts.

Oh, and does anyone here want to buy a Senate seat in Illinois?


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