George St. Pierre Interview

Andrew Green

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Aug 1, 2004
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Winnipeg MB
Who do you believe you’ll fight in December?
I think it’s 50-50. I think if the fights ends in the first or second round it’s because BJ is gonna win, because I think BJ has got more skill, is more well-rounded than Matt Hughes, but Matt Hughes has got a bigger heart. He’s got better stamina and bigger heart. BJ is a quick starter, but when things don’t go well for him, he gives up – look at his fight against Jens Pulver. Honestly, I hope Matt Hughes wins this match, because I have already beaten BJ and I want my rematch against Hughes – my only loss was against him.

Do you think your shape is at the same level as Hughes’s?
I’m very sure that my shape is even better than Matt Hughes’s. I think I’m more well-rounded than him, better standing up, and on the ground we’re maybe equal. Against any of them I will go for the finish right away. Right now I start training again. During the last month I could only train techniques, and because of that my game is now even better than before I got injured. I think I’ll be at 100% in about two weeks.

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