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wat dan was he ? i mean he made TKD, so wat dan was he?
The General didn't make TKD, but he was the catalyst that unified the major schools of Korean MA's, founded the WTF, and created the sport form of TKD that has made it so popular.

He's also the reason that our grandmaster of the WTA wasn't involved in the unification of the kwans, and why the TKD I study is a bit different than what most other people know. (Personal dispute that turned political.)

His official Kukkiwon dan rank? Good question, but I don't know. Somebody with more involvement in the WTF can probably answer that.

The best site I've found on TKD history is

Some of the links there also lead to articles that explain the feud between Choi and Duk Sung Son that I mentioned- for anyone that actually cares.
Zepp, uhm.... WTF? Kukkiwon rank? heh... General Choi was not involved with either...he certainly didn't found WTF.

To answer the original question General Choi was 9th dan in ITF TKD which he founded.

Damian Mavis
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My mistake. Let me clarify: Choi co-founded the KTA, which later expanded into the WTF. I guess he split with them to form the ITF before Kukkiwon was founded, so you're right, he wouldn't have an official dan ranking there.

Better question: Choi was living in the US until he died a few years ago, right? (Unless I'm really misinformed). Anyone ever met him?
I wouldn't say he co-founded the KTA. I would more say he was part of a council that created the KTA, and he was elected as the first president of the KTA, which he later stepped down as.

As for him making TKD, I would argue that he didn't "make" it as TKD to me is an ecclectic art compromised of many people's ideas and past martial arts experience. That is how I believed it was created, and that I believe is how it is still developing . . . in every system of TKD
LOL, that link zepp provided has a link to a website for the martial art "policedo". Big surprise it's got a big picture of the world head of family sokeship council on the second page. What a joke...some people need a clue.
Ok, so that site needs to do some weeding.
The links to the various articles on TKD history are the ones that I meant for people to look at. The information there is verifiable at other sources.
If I have the time, I'll find something on paper with the info.

And Langdow, that is exactly what I meant by "co-founded." That council didn't do it without him. What did you think the word meant?
Sorry Zepp misunderstood.
There's alot of misinformation, and other hullabaloo that Gen Choi was "the" founder of TKD so that's where my confusion came from.

From that link you posted, read "A Modern History of Taekwondo"
I think that's probably in my opinion one of the more concise explanations how it came around, and if it's cross checked with other references there isn't much discrepancy. Just be prepared to sit there for awhile, it's pretty long
I met General Choi but I can't say I had any real chance to get to know him personally. I wish my freinds posted here as they travelled with him extensivley and could tell you alot about him. I'm not going to give you second hand information though.

Damian Mavis
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