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Sep 11, 2006
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spirit of warriorism
By el maldito de cebu - 11-20-2008 11:35 PM
Originally Posted at: FMATalk


Some broders here in this org. believe that we Filipinos are over selling the warrior thing. If some GM's sell there system its there own desgression and they are intittled for it and its previledge in ther mastery of there art. well In my case I wont sell my art for caucacians in future comes. Such word is unacceptable and a disrespect to filipino people.
Now to all filipinos in this thread let us show to them that we are not overselling the warrior thing that we filipinos are born warrior and part of our culture and to live a life of warriors.

1st Q? in your life as a FMA practitioner are you been into real figths?

2nd Q? did you already kill a person in real fights?

3rdQ? if you win some fights what part of your opponent body would you get to serve as soviener.

4rthQ? in your blood does you contain a tribal blood in your vain?

5thQ? are you infavor that we filipinos are branded that we just over sell the warrior thing?

There are no wrong answers just feel free to give your infos on it and I dont beleive that we just pretend that we are warriors just to sell our FMA system to westeners


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