FMAT: Punyo removes cornea from eye...

Clark Kent

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Sep 11, 2006
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Punyo removes cornea from eye...
By Pitboss 306 - Fri, 21 Dec 2007 21:22:16 GMT
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Doing heavy bag drills wednesday with my usual rattan as warm up , I caught the punyo of a stick in my wide open eye after a modern arnis #7 or 11 (reveres thrust). Bouncing back as I stepped forward, the punyo fit perfectly into my socket without barely bruising the skin. It burned like hell, but I tried to train for another twenty minutes, thinking it may subside. No such luck.

One of my training guys drove me to the hospital and after another hour of pacing and tears, they finally froze me and checked out what the deal was... apparently I caused what they call an "corneal ulcer', meaning I scraped a flap of skin off my cornea over and below my pupil. Imagine having sand permanently rubbing in your eye. I've had kindey stones and numerous other injuries and this one takes the cake as far as pain so far.

I just started being able to open my other eye a few hours ago. Luckily the Dilaudid they gave me took the "ubearable pain" down to a "bearable discomfort" as long as i kept my eyes close for the last two days. (Apparently an injured eye still grinds around under the eyelid even if it's closed...)

Now I have to rock a patch unti the light sensitivity resides, and get to be a pirate for christmas.... My depth perception is bunk as hell and these Dillies make me STONED. I'm nodding in and out of consciousness. I thought morphine wasn't suppose to get you high if you were actually in pain.... I hate drugs.

I still don't want to have to wear glasses when I stick train, but I think reality may have to step in the way of that one...


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