FMAT: PTK with a Sense of Discipline

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Sep 11, 2006
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PTK with a Sense of Discipline
By GrandTuhon Leo T Gaje Jr - Sat, 15 Mar 2008 00:49:10 GMT
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What is Martial Arts if there is no discipline.What is Martial Arts if all techniques. What is Martial Arts if all blackbelts and titles with no sense of responsibility. What is Martial Arts if no sense in using the Intelligence in knowing and understand what is to be understood not knowing because you are told to regiment all movements and you become mechanically robotics.

The traditional practices of the true filipino fighting culture, one must undergo the trial of difficulties testing the mental faculties under pressure, physically to balance mentally.The test comes in many structures. Test on stamina and endurance, test of pain how to endure at its highest level, test mission how to be resourceful in using the art of common sense and how to survive.

This traditional art was brought to life with the introduction of the first Licensure course held in Lipa =Batangas, Philippines ( Pekiti-Tirsia Soleads Jungle training center)and the Laguna PTK-Special Action Force Training Command Center)The training was not just the fighting mechanics but the ability to survive in all conditions, any place , anywhere in the world.

The sense of discipline as true warriors as envisioned by the Kali forefathers in the Philippines must be made to work with the modern generation of interested individuals who wants to a major component of the true filipino culture.

Teachings FMA as we called under mixed method for commerciality destroys the cultural discipline of what is the true filipino fighting system.
Natural environment is the true tradition of the filipino fighting system . To train people inside the beautiful airconditioned room is not the meaning of the true FMA. In most of my time in New York City , those guys who were with me starts at the wilderness of Queens New York to Oneanta Upstate New York, to the Four Seasons of Philadelphea to the oil fields of Big Spring , Texas, to the mountain ranges of New Mexico to the Black Forest of Germany to the Shore of Ibiza Spain then to the Colorado Ridge.

Natural environment enhances the mental faculties in terms of training and brings discipline as a motivating factor for one to be conditioned to the world around his area of control. Combativeness is inspirational for one who has gone into the training in all aspects of survival, from the live blade to live knife to then to the Gun-tech system.

In the real world , sense of discipline will bring a new breed of warriors like the Force Recon Marines and the Special Action Commandos of the PNP and the PTK silent warriors who will come out hearing the word " Spar "


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