FMAT: Left hand vs right hand agak

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Sep 11, 2006
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Left hand vs right hand agak
By du212 - 06-14-2009 06:18 PM
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Anyone feed/receive lefty?

I am left handed but started my FMA studies with Inosanto Kali and like all the others in my class we started our stick handling right handed because, well, thats what we were taught. As we progressed, we began doing double stick and further along trained right and left hand single stick/knife.

In my balintawak training I have been practicing left and right handed receiving from almost the start. And its funny but even though Im left handed, I still find myself favoring my right hand line....Even so, the first student I had a chance to feed, just so happened to be a lefty so what do you know.....

Anyone else train left versus right hand? or left versus left? If so, what angle or grouping did you find the most "challenging" with the "other hand" ?


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