FMAT: Going to train in the Philippines.

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Sep 11, 2006
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Going to train in the Philippines.
By willb - 04-11-2009 08:31 AM
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Hi everyone, I know that there may be information on this website regarding training in the philippines but I would like to find out a bit more information if possible.

I'm a 22 year old personal trainer from England, I've had some basic training within Thai boxing, and attended a a few eskrima classes and really enjoyed the training. I would like to train with a GM in the philippines and have researched and GM Dioney Canete. I understand it takes many years to become an efficient martial arts instructor but I have seen that Dioney Canete is running instructor training courses over a 16 week period full time which I'm willing to do, please see

The main questions I would like to find out are.

1. Is the Philippines a safe place to travel and to stay for 4/6 months for a 22 year old with no knowledge of the language.

2. Has anyone trained with the Dioney canete in the Philippines? can you easily pick up the information taught.

3. Do you need any form of special visa to stay for this period of time.

Please note I understand many people want to call themselves an instructor within 2 minutes of martial arts training, Personally I'm not one of those people I would like to take a break from work like a gap year and would really like to look back and be able to say to my clients that I have travelled and trained with a GM.

Thank you to anyone that has spent time in reading this tread and replied to my questions.

Best regards

Will B.


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