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Sep 11, 2006
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Edgar G. Sulite (Instructional Videos)
By Guro Dave Gould - 12-02-2008 12:32 AM
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Hi guys,

For those of you with an interest in Lameco Eskrima who have not seen any or all of PG Sulites videos on Lameco Eskrima, let me say that after 16 years of being on the market they are still some of the best that I have seen.

To get a clear and concise understanding of Lameco Eskrima you have to go first to the root source itself and that would be the founder, Edgar G. Sulite. Below are the public Lameco Eskrima videos available featuring Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite released between 1991-1995, I highly recommend them all!

*Lameco Eskrima at the Vortex
*Lameco Eskrima; Practical Self-Defense (Vol. 1)
*Lameco Eskrima; Practical Self-Defense (Vol. 2)
*Lameco Eskrima; Essential Single Stick Skills (Vol. 1)
*Lameco Eskrima; Essential Single Stick Skills (Vol. 2)
*Lameco Eskrima; Secrets of Double Stick Fighting (Vol. 1)
*Lameco Eskrima; Secrets of Double Stick Fighting (Vol. 2)
*Lameco Eskrima; Espada-y-Daga
*Lameco Eskrima; Advanced Laban-Laro (Vol. 1)
*Lameco Eskrima; Advanced Laban-Laro (Vol. 2)

Videos, Books, Training Gear and Lameco Eskrima Apparel can be purchased through Felisa Sulite and family through their web-site:

Train well, ciao.

Guro Dave Gould.


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