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Sep 11, 2006
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Balintawak questions
By fangjian - 08-23-2010 09:25 PM
Originally Posted at: FMATalk


Here are a few things that have kind of confused me as I research the history of the Balintawak.


-Remy Presas was one of the better fighters who came out of Balintawak. Possibly equal in skill to Delphin Lopez.
also have heard
-Remy presas never even finished the most basic of lessons in Balintawak.

Remy Presas studied with Timor Maranga, Arnulfo Mongcal and Anciong Bacon for quite a while. That pretty much qualifies you for the rank of badass eskrimador. Which is it? and honestly if he was one of the elite in the Balintawak camp but never even finished the basic lessons, than there is no hope for someone like me:)


-Johnny Chiuten would tell his fellow Balintawak brothers to test their skills, in which they would reply our skills are to deadly for tournaments; and Chiuten would say how can you be sure?.

I thought Balintawak at this time period had numerous juego todo fights with rival eskrimadors. Why would Johnny Chiuten say this?


-When Anciong was released from prison he called for a meeting for all of his students to introduce a new modification to the Balintawak, but few took him seriously.

Really?!!! Anciong Bacon wasnt taken seriously?!! What was this modification and why did few take it seriously?


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