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Aug 29, 2001
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I know that the element fire controls the temperment, joy, and the flavor,bitter but what else dose it control?
If you look at the classic theory of five elements, fire controls/destroys the wood element and creates the earth its influence goes beyond those things associated with it.

more fire associations..... it nourishes the blood vessles and vascular system...Yin organ is the heart and Yang organ the small intestine. It produces sweat and the body scent is burned/scorched (and it can be quite pronounced...!!!) It expands into the facial coulouring. Relationship to the vital function- blood hormones/endocine system. The relationship with digetsion is the absorbtion and selection of food in the small intestine.............
for some comprehensive descriptions of five element theory, i would suggest picking up "chinese herbal remedies"(?) by henry liu or "between heaven and earth".
Thanks for the information and the references.
Thanks for the link, it looks impressive for someone to follow and understand what's going on.
No problem, it's a neat site I poke around it off and on and they keep putting neat stuff on it. I hope you enjoy it.
I'm kind of curious how any of you teach these elements? I mean do you teach to strike these meridian points or what? This happens to be like one of only a very few select times I have ever heard the subject come up. Any help would be appreciated.
I used to take a hybrid art, a form of Tang So Do, and they encouraged black belts to learn other arts and bring them back. One such gentleman went to Muay Thai and some form of Karate plus a few other things. Eventually he went to the Dillman style of pressure points.

What he said was that Katas actually used pressure points but they wasn't revealed to students under black belt, they were hidden within the form. He showed us how to use PP in all stages of our form. Since our's was a hybrid art, our form was 10 years old, the guys who laid out the new art didn't know PP. Nonetheless he could knock you out with pressure points.

Do I believe in pressure points/accupunture....yes. I have seen them applied and the only way I could quit smoking cigerrettes was acupunture.

Do I think I could knock someone out in a fight using Unless I was extremley lucky I dont know how to light them up so the meridans can attack each other. People move too much when you are tring to punch them making the PP to hard to hit for my old eyes. Every martial art strikes PP to buy that half a second that can turn a fight, say a punch in the nose.

Can other people use PP to immoblize someone, the Dillman people believe so. The Chinese people studied PP for generations so they probably know what is possible real time fighting and what is not.

Thats a lot of words for no answer.

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