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Aug 4, 2011
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Very interesting I just saw this posted on kenpo talk and thought I'd share here for anyone interested.

I've known for a long time ed Parker jr isn't a fan of the kenpo world but I never knew to this extent. Of course this is only his side but I agree with a lot of what he's said.

I never met ed Parker but from everything I've heard he was very progressive never wanting to stay In the same place but to many instructors are trapped in the past with kenpo refusing to advance it which is not the point of kenpo.

Also I do have an issue with the fact yah have to pay ed parkers family to open up a school and to use the badge or even put your own certificates up in a school. I believe if you get to black belt you've paid your dues to the art over the years and have every right to put your certificates up.

If I am ever to start a school it would not be a kenpo school because I wouldn't jump through those hoops that's not who I am and never will be.

The whole situation is very sad and I feel bad for ed Parker jr

Ed Parker Jr. vs Kam IV
I hope you would follow your dream, if that is what it is, to open a karate school. You can always do Kenpo your way. Kenpo can be tailored to the student :). Good luck.


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May 27, 2004
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Paxtial arts...it's meant to be a soft style similar to tai chi. I've seen some of it but honestly I'm not sold
Certified by EP2 here. To say it is similar to T'ai Chi is missing the point, really. It is not a martial art (Mars being the god of war) but a Paxtial art (Pax being a name for the goddess of peace). It is not designed to be a replacement for martial arts - it is a tool in the box when a softer response is warranted. It speaks to some unaddressed teachings of old - the other half of warriorship as explained and described by EP1 himself and now addressed by EP2.