Dr. John Painter Nashua NH: August 28-30th 2009


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Sep 13, 2006
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Brothers and sisters,

Once again Bob Maio and Granite Dragon arts is hosting Dr. John Painter for a weekend seminar on August 28-30th 2009 in Nashua NH.

Friday nights event will feature the Nine Healing Circles Qi gong. This is not taught as frequently as it has been in the past. Come see how this incredible material can help you further not only your health but your martial arts as well.

Saturday and Sunday will be an in depth presentation of Yi Xin Gong which is the standing practices of Jiulong Baguazhang.

This material can help you quickly understand how to use and apply energy and force in your martial art. Come feel the internal method that can get you applying whole body power quickly and efficiently.

For more information contact Bob Maio at 603-620-5361 or visit http://www.granitedragon.net.

You can also reserve your spot for this incredible weekend seminar HERE.

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