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Sep 11, 2006
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Snake style
By JadeDragon - 01-02-2009 12:03 PM
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I thought I would share some exercises that snake style uses to strengthen their wrists which is vital for snake style since a lot of thier strikes are open handed. I will also explain a snake breathing exercise that is taught at our school when learning snake. This exercise helps cultivate the bodies chi.

Snake exercise #1
Snake poll training: This exercise requires that you have a long solid wooden pole about 2 - 3 feet taller than you and somewhat heavy. You put the poll next to your side. Then you reach up next to your head with your hand and cup your hand around the polland flip it over your shoulder by bringing your hand down to your waist. This will cuase the poll to flip over your shoulder so you got to be quick to get your hand back up to cup/support the poll again or the poll will fall. This strengthens the wrists and works on your quickness.

Snake exercise #2
Wrist push ups. These are done on the back of your hands. Good for wrist strength.

Snake exercise #3
Finger jab strikes on canvas sand bag but at the momment of impact with the bag you vibrate your hand (for chi flow and to absorb some of the shock of the strike). Shock from a strike can be dangerous because vibration from the hit can recochet back up your arm and believe it or not, cause harm to your eyes.

I will explain the snake breathing exercise in a little bit but right now I'd like to read some of the exercises you guys/gals do for snake style (if you do snake style at all). :D

TigerClaw.....I'm interested in what exercises you have since you say you do a little snake style.


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David Weatherly

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Dec 15, 2008
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Thanks for sharing. I've done some snake style and always like to hear information from others who practice.


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