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Sep 11, 2006
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By Dan_The_Man - 10-31-2008 09:05 AM
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Hi there,
I am looking to get into a new Martial art that has an emphasis on self defence rather than in-the-ring sport fighting. I&#8217;m not particularly interested in fighting on the street but want to commit to and learn an art that may help me fight for my life if that terrible time may ever occur. By self-defence I mean training for real life situations e.g. facing more than one opponent, how to defend against and use very harmful strikes such as to the eyes, throat etc, dealing with knives&#8230;

I live very close to a dojo that practices Japanese Ju-Jitsu and I have heard that this art might be close to what I&#8217;m looking for.

I have trained for a year in Wing-Chun and although I thought some of the techniques were very good I felt like we were bogged down slightly with forms and chain punches. Also there isn&#8217;t anywhere near enough emphasis on sparring.

I have also recently attended a few Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes at a Carlson Gracie gym that also teaches Muay Thai and MMA. I found these tough but fun and effective. The fact that 50% of the class was sparring was great. Being able to fight a fully resisting opponent at full force seemed very practical and realistic. But my main problem with this style is that all the techniques were fighting from on the ground. I would like to learn joint locks and throws but would prefer to learn techniques that would emphasise the importance of staying on your feet in highly dangerous situations, (obviously I would want to learn ground fighting too but would rather have that emphasis on staying standing like in self-defence). Whilst I was at these BJJ classes I asked a few people about Japanese Ju-Jitsu and the ones who have experience some JJJ classes said that the quality was less consistent and that some Dojos didn&#8217;t teach very good technique (Just like what a lot of you would say about Wing-Chun on this forum)

The dojo I am looking at is called Bu-Sen and is the base of The United Kingdom Seiki-Juku Karate Organisation. It was founded and is run by Sensei Frank Perry 7th Dan, Chief Instructor who is assisted by Sensei Carol David 5th Dan and Assistant Chief Instructor. I am planning to go and try out a class next week but could do with a few tips on what to look out for.

To sum up (this is quite a long and unorganised post):

I want to start a martial art that teaches effective self-defence,
I have studied Wing-Chun but want an art that has more emphasis on sparring,
I have briefly tried BJJ but found it too focused on being on the floor,

This post basically comes down to the choice between learning JJJ at the Bu-Sen
(Which also teaches Karate and Judo)
Learn BJJ and Muay Thai and possibly MMA at the Carlson Gracie Gym.

Any of your thoughts or advice would be great.



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