Daito Ryu influence


I'm of the impression that Yoshinkan founded by Shioda Gozo more closely resembles the pre-war style taught by Uyeshiba during the 30's. Never heard the story of him retreating into a cave though. But on the other hand no one ever gets into the fact that not only did he belong to the Omotokyo, but was a member of the Black Dragon Society, a highly xenophobic organization that wanted to drive all westerners out of Asia.

In fact, Chang Kai Shek was also a member of the Black Draqon Society. He joined while attending a Japanese Military Academy in 1907. As for Uyeshiba, after learning and getting a teaching license in Daito Ryu he also studied and later taught Yagyu Shinkage Ryu at Keio University in Tokyo, and was a member of the Kendo Club at this school.

This university is the most exclussive one in Japan, and every, and I do mean every political and even military leaders of Japan, past, present and future attend this school, and no other. But most today gloss over these facts!



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