Culture in FMA


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Jan 12, 2002
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here is one, and i will look for more

"When fighting and killing never torture your enemy, to do so is against the rules of humanity and God. Kill quickly and never prolong your enemy’s death by torture, if you need to kill do not make your enemy suffer, cut his throat and finish as quick as possible. Never cut the nose or ears or body parts of dead men to humiliate them, this practice belongs to the times of Jahaliyah (pre-Islam) and has no purpose for a Mujahid. "

i have some other ones but i am in a rush right now but i will post some more later. some are islamic in nature and some are just sayings i learned.


so when you meet muslim martial artists, or some "old style" FMA people, they do talk about killing an opponent, how to do it, and the different methods to damage them. but that is because in the cultures we/they come from, the art has a different role than we have for it here in the U.S.

Actually in the south the arts are usually hidden and not shown outside the clan, peoples won't usually tell you they know martial arts even if they are experts....
Life was and is always rough in the area and it is better your ennemies don't know you can fight because they may ambush or poison you ( poisoning is still in use in the area and neighbouring Malaysia-Indonesia)....If you happen to become a trusted friend/student of those men they will talk oppenly about how they killed peoples or how their students-relatives did...