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Jul 13, 2010
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Trinity Karate for Christ – Christian Kempo,
who we are;

Senior Instructor (SIFU) Christopher Stewart
Head Instructor - Advisor (SIGUNG) Clark D. Cole
Junior Instructor - Advisor (SIFU) Jack D. Cole

Siha Katrina Paglinawan
Sihing Albert Hung

We use the Chinese designations on a daily basis, each persons rank is less
important than when they joined the family of Kempo.

Our Lineage/s,
American Kenpo - Ed Parker - Pat Salantri – Clark Cole – Chris Stewart
Shaolin Kempo – Nick Cerio – Fred Villarri – Charles Matterra – Greg Jones – Chris Stewart
Christian Kempo – Chris Stewart

What we teach,
54 core basic techniques through 1st black belt.
Short and Long Form.
17 Sets (Organized Basics)

Our prime training method is;

Break Stance and Contact Resistance methods.
Break Stance is motion based ground up Kenpo Karate.
"Hips control feet, feet control hands, elbows aim strikes and knees aim kicks".
Contact Resistance is a hands on method of training that relies on realistic and focused
attacks that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your techniques and the basics within them.
Hot Hands served here!

If you want to see how I approach Kempo, go to you tube and type in Christian Kempo.

For more information please visit our website:

Christian Kempo Taught Here,
Chris Stewart S.I. (Christian Kempo)

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