Chicagoland Ninjitsu Schools

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Chicago Green Dragon

Does anybody know of any Chicagoland Ninjitsu Schools?

I have seen some around chicago every now and then. But, I'm not sure if they are real of just a fly by night item....


Chicago Green
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Been there, did a little training with James, the instructor. I hear that He's a pretty good guy. A lot of the students from the school I used to attend that is now long gone train there now.

This is Gabe Logan's school in DeKalb. Gabe is a great guy and a good instructor as well.

This school is in Bartlett. It's the school I am currently attending. I really enjoy training with this group.

There are lots more in the greater chicagoland area, but these are the three I have personal experiance with. For a listing of the schools in the state you can check out:

Hope that helps you out.