Call for Articles, on Awareness -Terrorism Awareness- De-Escalation


Ms J

Call for Articles, on Awareness -Terrorism Awareness- De-Escalation

With the recent events this past few months, its become apparent that we have many that wish to express their feelings and wisdom to others in the national community on the issues and the awareness that is needed to deal with the realties of Terrorism and terrorist acts against us as a nation.

On The FATE web site

I have written 2 articles, they were put there a few weeks after the first attack made on the WTC, here on the east coast. Since that time I have been sent a number of other articles and personal perspectives of what we face as a nation by others with personal or educated experience in the area of personal self-defense, awareness- anti terrorism- war relief work and so forth.

I am in the process of formatting them and putting them on the above web site page. The page has been listed as a resource in a number of areas, including the east coast schools, a few of the community organizations and its been distributed widely on line and in then in our local press in a small way.

Therefore, I am offering space on this page for appropriate links to or articles from members of the community here and in a number of other areas. The articles will be formatted in both HTML and in PDF they will be held there on the site for others to see and read, I will not just be putting anything I get on the page, the page is geared for awareness of the issues and ways to keep the nation from going into condition black and blind panic. Its there to give realty but at the same time deal with the issues and help the nation understand what can be done on a personal level to combat the acts themselves and then the long term effects of them in our commintys at large.

If accepted they articles will not be changed in word, or intent. I ask only that you sign a name to it, weather its your name or under an AKA and you have an address for others to respond to on the bottom of the article. I.e. set up a new email account for it if you do not have one now that you want to use for the public, because this page will be getting much coverage over the next few weeks and into the next 6 months.

Send all articles too: [email protected]

If you have any questions as to the liabilitys or the FATE org web sites policys and disclaimers for the views on writings for the site you can view the disclaimer and waver that is located here:

Please feel free to distribute this letter to any that would be interested in putting something there, for people that need a hard address and want to send hard copys, it can go to

PO Box 125
Brigantine NJ. 08203

Ms. J.... bows deeply


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