Cagewriter facepalm of the week to Versus WEC analyst Todd Harris

Clark Kent

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Sep 11, 2006
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11-19-2009 01:10 PM:
Here at Cagewriter, we pick on the UFC broadcast team of Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg quite a bit. It's out of love, though. We don't want to see Rogan or Goldberg lose their jobs, because they both bring something special to the broadcasts. Rogan's passion is palpable, and Goldberg's smooth shilling is necessary for the UFC to pay the bills.

This is not true in the case of Versus' Todd Harris, who calls World Extreme Cagefighting events along with UFC heavyweight Frank Mir. He is, quite simply, horrible at working fights, and for that, wins Cagewriter's facepalm of the week. A few examples from last night's broadcast of WEC 44:

-- In Shane Roller's win over Danny Castillo, Harris repeatedly called Roller's rear naked choke a guillotine. Look, in MMA, there are a lot of moves that can get mixed up, or that are named differently across regions. However, the only thing that rear naked chokes and guillotines have in common is that they are choking submissions. Knowing the difference between the two is MMA 101.

--"Danny Castillo is gassed, and now he's going to tee off!" What? If he's gassed, how is he teeing off?

-- In the first 10 seconds of the Darabedyan/McCullough bout, Harris wondered why McCullough wasn't starting off strong. He felt comfortable making that assessment in the first 10 seconds.

-- "Both corners are talking about changing levels, Frank. Interpret."

If the man isn't willing to learn the basics of MMA, he should not be allowed to continue as a commentator of MMA. Harris has worked college football, the Winter Olympics, racing, bull riding and the X Games. With such a varied career, he shouldn't have a hard time finding other work.

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