Business Owners: What are some ways you market your Martial Art school?


Nov 7, 2017
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Southeast U.S.
This is a social media ranking. The Google algorithm looks for things of relevance and Trending. The best way to do this is through social media like Facebook and Twitter.. The more people who participate on your facebook page the higher the ranking will be. Unfortunately this doesn't always translate to customers, which is why people who try to have only a facebook page instead of a website often have low sales numbers and are rarely successful.

You wouldn't believe how many people try to avoid the cost of a website by simply having a Facebook page. It never works out for them. I can get first page ranking for websites even if there isn't a facebook page. I did it 3 years ago so I think I still remember the formula. Oh Facebook also helps with backlinks. I'll use myself as an example. I'm starting an online martial arts /self-defense focused website. I'll have online and offline sessions available. So I show a video of me sparring using Jow ga. Along with that video I put a link that says "To see more visit my martial arts fights. Click here. ". Then that video is shared with hundreds of people. The video isn't as important as the link. So each time they share my post my link follows and with each share it builds what is called a backlink. The more backlinks you have the hire ranking you'll get.

There are a couple of good websites that teach you how to do this and they often tell all of the things that make it work. The downside is that it's ALOT OF WORK. If I was going to hire someone then I would first read up on what makes it work. Not so that I can do it, but so i can makes sure who ever is doing it for me is doing their job. I've had clients who paid 3rd party SEO companies $5000 on the low end to get better online presence. What often happens these people will generate meaningless hits for your website and you think that you are doing well, but none of those hits are potential customers. It's just wasted money to get people to look at a website and never purchased..

If you like I can give you the name of the website that I learned from.
That would be great. PM if you prefer.

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