Buccaneer Nation...

I was in Tampa during the game.

My mother lives on a pretty busy road, with vehicle and pedestrian traffic at all hours.

During the game, nothing. I mean nothing. Even the crickets were quiet.

After the game, the roads filled up with honking cars all over the city. Fans clogged up Dale Mabry Hwy (main drag in Tampa) to get to the stadium, even though it wasn't opening that night. Cops had to keep people from getting out of their cars and celebrating in the streets.

I think there would have been even more celebration in the streets, but many of us were so amazed, it still hasn't quite soaked in :)

Originally posted by arnisador
Do they riot in Florida or just turn out the lights and go to sleep?

Up in Northern Cali, the Raider Nation fans were burning, looting and pilaging ...:eek:

Well, I don't know for certain about the looting part, but, they definitely were not turning in for the evening.