Bowie Knife Methods


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Feb 3, 2005
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Huber Heights, OH
Yes, we train with the Bowie type knife. We train the same way we train with all knives. Eventually, you have to isolate the knife, rough up or destroy the assailant and either take the knife away, leave the knife in them or run away. Like my teacher says "Everybody gets cut in a knife fight you either go to the hospital or you go to the morgue". You have to commit fully.

BTW, there is a Kalis Ilustrisimo class that meets in the park close to my house in Irvine, CA. Dedicated bunch of folk there. The instructor (I forget his name) does not charge for lessons. He has about 10-14 students.
Part of the "problem" is that there is no 100% definition of "Bowie Knife." It generally follows some loose conventions on shape but size, length, weight, width, guard, etc. are all variable. That means that a lot of "how to" is going to be variable as well.

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