Books on teaching children???

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Jan 13, 2002
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Wichita Kansas, USA
My wife and I are working hard at forumulating a good children's program and I was wondering what some of Yall's favorite books on this subject are??
Please let me know.
Thanks a lot in advance...
Your Brother
Green Eggs and Ham
Horton Hears A Who
The Cat In The Hat.

Oh man, the list is endless.

They all have great pictures on how to fight too!
My son and I LOVE Dr. Seus!!! (He's 4, I just act like I am)
In "Fox in Socks" there is several pages about the martial arts!!!

"Lets have a little talk about tweedle Beattles.
When tweedle Beattles fight, it's called a Tweedle Beattle Battle.
When Tweedle Beattles fight with paddles, its called
a tweedle beattle paddle battle.
And when these beattles fight these battles and the battles in a puddle
its called a tweedle beatle puddle paddle battle..."
It goes on and on.

But that's not quite what I had in mind.
Thanks though Gou..
yer hearts in the right place...
don't know about the rest of you!
Your Brother
Bed Time Story's with Freddy Krugar.
What you teach children about self-defense can come in handy. It pays to teach not just physical techniques but also more general strategies and advice:

A man tried to abduct a nine-year-old boy after telling him he had come to collect him from a Chasetown karate club instead of his mother.

The man told the child his mum could not collect him and he had been sent
She said: "Thankfully the boy did what he had been told by his parents

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