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Sep 14, 2002
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Please excuse my ignorance, it's not intentional. But can anyone explain why General Choi tendered is choice of Mr. Chang Ung as his successor over his son, Master Choi Jung Hwa.

I'm aware that in his life Gen.Choi had stated "I choose Taekwon Do over my son". In death he seems to have followed that maxim again. Call me romantic, emotional or even stupid but I thought most fathers would rather leave their lifes work to their son and heir. I know he had his reasons, I just don't know what they are.

We've had years of ITF v WTF, school v school even instructor v instructor, but ITF v ITF! Can it get any worse.

Both ITF's incidently have my Grandmaster as one of their vice-presidents, can this be right? I will obviously have to ask.
General Choi wanted ITF to be Korean. He also wanted it to be a tool to unite North and South Korea. I guess who better to pick than Chang Ung who is a North Korean politician and the only North Korean on the Olympic committee. Master Choi and people who support ITFC want ITF to be run under more democratic principles. Theres heaps more to the story and some changes should be seen in the next few days.

General Choi also said "If you support me, you will support my son." Words to think about.
Originally posted by celtic bhoy

......I'm aware that in his life Gen.Choi had stated "I choose Taekwon Do over my son". In death he seems to have followed that maxim again. .......

I am certainly not qualified to comment on the ITF administration, and would not be as presumptuous as to do so.

But I can try to shed some light on the statement above.

1. Asians by tradition, bestow high prestige and honor on people who choose principles, ideals, service to the nation or to the their masters, over their families. The Gen was just following that time honored tradition. It might sound cold hearted, if examined from a western world's perspective. However, it is an expression of selfless devotion to a cause.

2. The South Korean administration at the time was harrasing his family. By letting it be known that he would not be swayed by such threat, he made it pointless for the SK to target them. So he was trying to protect them.
One opinion is that General Choi orchestrated this whole mess on purpose to get what he wanted (to be buried in his home Country) while leaving his son an organisation minus the bad elements. I don't really buy that one but who knows, the whole thing is so ridiculous I'd believe anything.

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