Barr: Sending a ?signal? to the status-quo

Clark Kent

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Sep 11, 2006
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11-03-2008 01:00 PM
Isaac Morehouse explains why he is voting for Bob Barr:

Im voting for Bob Barr. Not because I agree with all of his positions, not because I think hes a great guy, not because I think he has a chance to win, and not because I think he would even make a good president.

Im voting for Barr to do what economists call signaling. That is, rather than allowing my vote to be swallowed up in a sea of votes for major party candidates, and to add myself to the numbers who are basically giving sanction to the anti-liberty positions of both major candidates, I want it to at least send a signal to those who analyze elections that there are some who value liberty and limited government. Since Barr is running as a libertarian, he will be identified with limited government views. The higher percentage of voters vote for what is seen to be a limited government choice, the stronger the signal is sent to major party candidates now and in the future that they can win those voters by promoting less government.

I find single issue voting and lesser of two evils logic both morally and strategically weak. Heres a great article by the late Leonard Read on why.

Finally, I would add that voting is not that important to me and I do it faithfully primarily because I find it entertaining. I do not think any great progress in the world will happen at the voting booth, and I dont think the battle for liberty will be won by a politician. It is in the hearts and minds of the people that we must win. The politicians will follow whatever is popular.