Barr: McCain?s farewell tour

Clark Kent

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Sep 11, 2006
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We just sent this press release out, but it needed to be shared on the blog as well.

Bob Barr says that Sen. John McCain is on his &#8220;farewell tour&#8221; across America, as it has become clear that Sen. McCain has no realistic chance of winning the presidential election.

&#8220;The wheels on the Straight Talk Express have come off,&#8221; says Barr, the Libertarian Party&#8217;s nominee for president. &#8220;Sen. McCain will be spending the last two weeks before the election on his &#8216;farewell tour&#8217; across America. Sen McCain&#8217;s mixed and angry message, as well as his support of big-spending policies, have killed any chance McCain may have had to win this election.&#8221;

Barr says this means Republican-leaning voters who are reluctant to vote for John McCain and his big government record, &#8220;can feel comfortable knowing that their vote for Bob Barr will be a vote for smaller government, less spending and lower taxes.&#8221;

&#8220;Now, principled conservatives can vote their conscience instead of voting for a faux-conservative just because he carries the Republican label,&#8221; explains Barr. &#8220;Small &#8216;L&#8217; libertarians don&#8217;t have to vote defensively for the lesser of two evils because it is clear that McCain no longer has any realistic chance to win the election.&#8221;

&#8220;A vote for John McCain is a wasted vote,&#8221; says Barr.

Barr says Sen. McCain &#8220;never appealed to the fiscal conservatives because of his record of increasing the size and power of government. John McCain&#8217;s refusal to stand up against the bailout tore the wheels right off the so-called &#8216;Straight Talk Express&#8217; bus!&#8221;

&#8220;If you want your vote to count, and go towards a leader dedicated to lowering taxes, cutting spending, and drastically reducing the size of government, then you still have a choice in 2008. That choice is Bob Barr,&#8221; says Barr.



Bob Hubbard

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Aug 4, 2001
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Land of the Free
I think McCain's going to have to pull a small miracle out to win at this point. Obama's got momentum on his side, and most voters seem to have decided already. Still, there's still time for an upset.